Clinics and Services




Nurse Clinics

Our practice nurses are specially trained to provide nursing care to patients in our surgery. You can consult with the nurses directly, without seeing the doctor. Nurses appointments are bookable up to 4 weeks in advance. Our nurses offer a wide range of services, such as: 


Health Care Assistant (HCA) Clinics

On Tuesday & Wednesday mornings, our health care assistant is available. The health care assistant can do the following: 

  • blood tests
  • ECG
  • stitches/staple removal
  • nebulisers
  • flu jabs
  • urine check
  • simple dressings
  • blood pressure checks
  • NHS health checks
  • B12 injections
  • new patient health checks

Currently our HCA is only offering: blood tests, blood pressure checks and urine checks.


Minor Surgery 

Dr Kotnis runs minor surgery clinics on Thursday's.


Maternity Services

We have a midwife here on Friday's from 9.00 am until 13.00 pm. 

The midwife offers antenatal care during your pregnancy. 


Family Planning

Dr Kotnis, Dr Bratby and our practice nurses are trained to give advice and offer a range of services, such as emergency contraception. The Family Planning Clinic can also be contacted on: 01865 456666. 


Heart & Diabetes Checks

Patients are contacted to book routine appointments for blood tests, followed by an appointment with the practice nurse to discuss their results. The practice nurse will be able to provide advice on how to prevent heart disease through diet, exercise and medication. 


Asthma Checks

Patients are contacted and invited to attend appointments with our practice nurse to monitor both their medication and their condition. They will also be provided with an asthma action plan.



Our practice nurse is able to advise you about any immunisations that are needed, to keep you up to date. 

We encourage patients with chronic medical conditions or those over 65 years old to have a flu vaccination yearly. The flu vaccination clinics are held between September and February. 


Lifestyle Advice

Our practice nurse offers a wide range of support and advice to help maintain a health lifestyle, such as: menopause and dietary advice.


Clinical Pharmacist

We have a clinical pharmacist available at the practice on Monday, Thursday and Friday. The pharmacist is available for:

  • medication reviews
  • blood pressure checks
  • medication related queries

If you would like to book an appointment, please call the surgery and ask for an appointment with the pharmacist. 


Oxfordshire Chlamydia Testing

Patients who are aged 16-24 and require Chlamydia Testing, can use the Sexual Health Oxfordshire website by clicking here

This will allow them to access chlamydia testing for free via a postal testing kit. 


Additional Services

District Nurses

District Nurses are specially trained to address nursing needs and provide care to patients in their own homes. They care for a wide range of people, including: 

  • post-operative surgical patients
  • patients with long-term medical problems
  • patients with palliative care needs

Our District Nurses are based at East Oxford Health Centre and can be contacted on: 01865 904814. An answer machine may pick up the call; however, the messages are listened to throughout the day. 


Health Visitors

The health visitors are also based at East Oxford Health Centre. They can help with a broad range of issues and support for children (primarily under the age of 5) and their families. They can be contacted on: 01865 904483. An answer phone will take messages if they are unavailable, but they will get back to you.